About Section 800

Browns-Stadium---Cleveland-Ohio-Print-I10041938[1]One of the founding sections of ASQ National (founded in 1944 and National was founded in 1946). Members are quality professionals
from leading corporations in around the Cleveland Area. ASQ Cleveland focuses on three key areas:

Education: With the help of volunteers, ASQ Cleveland offers training and seminars for the community. ASQ Cleveland, jointly with Polaris Career Center, offers valuable courses which range from basics in quality to very focused training.

Scholarship:  In an effort to spread the word for quality, ASQ Cleveland is getting the younger generation excited about them. Programs like Koalaty kids and  scholarships have been instituted to encourage participation by the youth. These scholarships aim at making them  understand the inevitability of quality and encourage them to pursue quality as their profession.

Career Development: Manufacturing has increasingly lost its luster in the Mid-West region. Keeping this in mind, ASQ Cleveland is gearing its members for this changing job market. ASQ Cleveland provides training on topics that help in certification and recertification, these make members more employable and can open doors, when others are closed! ASQ Cleveland also acts as a job bank for its members. To see what companies are looking for quality professionals, visit the Jobs page.