Each of the Certification Refresher courses will prepare students for the corresponding ASQ exams. For exam-specific content (body of knowledge), visit the ASQ National website at

ASQ Certification Refresher Courses are now available at Corporate College! Click here for more info.

Certification review courses are an effective means of review for people who have the basic skills and knowledge and are not intended to build that skill or knowledge for an applicant without any experience and do not assure any level of performance on an exam.

Corporate College 216-987-2800
Community Education; 216-987-2333
Encore:; 216-987-2274
Samantha Kaplan   216-987-2927
Suzanne Ortiz   216-987-2857

For additional information on ASQ Certification, call ASQ National at 1-800-248-1946, email at or visit the ASQ National Web sites: