November 2019 – Click to download Bob Graham’s presentation, “Divergent Cause and Effect Analysis.”

October 2017 – Click to download Lydia Gadd’s presentation, “Mindfullness for Quality Improvement.”

May 2017 – Visit Paul Mathews’ webpage for a wealth of statistical studies and information. Click for his presentations “Alternatives to SPC” and “Assessing your SPC system“, as well as his SPC Audit Checklist.

April 2017 – Click to download Samantha Kaplan’s presentation, “Welcome to Corporate College.”

October 2016 – Click to download Lydia Gadd’s presentation, “A Mindset for Success.”

April 2016 – Click to download a summary of Paul Mathew’s 7PM presentation, “Design of Variables Sampling Plans for Defectives“, as well as his notes about the “Quality Cost of Rectifying Inspection Plans“, with accompanying Excel spreadsheet. Also click the following link for a list of software covered during Paul’s 5PM session, “Free Software!

March 2016 – Click to view Bob Graham’s presentation, “Situational Leadership.” (.ppt version)

February 2016 – Click to view files from Richard Wiltse’s presentations, “Focused Benchmarking” and “DOE: From Hunch to Crunch.”

March 2015 – Click to view files from Jeff Prahst’s presentation, “Difference between the Process FMEA (PFMEA) and Design FMEA (DFMEA) methodology and how to develop and use the DFMEA Design Matrix as a problem solving tool.” DFMEA Overview, ASQ – Design FMEA (PPT), Making Coffee Example, Design FMEA forms.

November 2014 – Click to view PowerPoint presentations from the “BYOD – Bring Your Own Data” Tech session: 1 Intro to Minitab; 2 Graph using Minitab; 3 Statistics using Minitab; 4 SPC and MSA in Minitab; 5 DOE using Minitab.

April 2014 – Click to view Lisa Goch’s presentation, “Measurement Systems Analyses. (.pptx)” (.ppt format here)

January 2014 – Click to view the synopsis of John Cachat’s APQP Bumming You Out?, or click here to see Chris Vandegrift’s PowerPoint presentation, “Improving Product Performance Using DOE.”

November 2013 – Click to download Ron M. Czaplicki’s full resume or click here for more details about the Terminal Tower Restoration.

October 2013 – Click to download Wes Richardson’s presentation: “ASQ Certification: Benefits, Preparation, Hints & Renewing

May 2013 – Click to download Bert Scali’s presentation: “ISO TS 16949 Tips and Traps.

March 2013 – Click to download Wes Richardson’s presentation: “Identity Theft, Internet Security, and Passwords.”

February 2012 – Click to view the abstract for Bill Chamberlin’s presentation: “Fueling Our Future Transportation Needs.” A follow-up article is “Road Testing BMW’s Hydrogen 7“, from Wired Magazine.

November 2011- Click to download Dilip Shah’s presentation: “Calibration Supplier Selection.”

October 2011 – Click to download John Cachet’s presentation: “Bridging the Gap Between Quality and Finance.”